Terratinta Ceramiche Norse Ceramic Wall Tiles

April 19, 2023

Terratinta Ceramiche has introduced Norse, a new collection of ceramic wall tiles.  The innovative proposal of the brand Terratinta Group Srl SB breaks down the paradigm of normality to bet on the fusion of color, light and warmth that become the elements of a creative genesis where the material is welcoming and comforting.

Norse was born from the intersection of these principles where simplicity removes the superfluous in total continuity with the company’s path, and in which pure minimalism is not limiting but a tool to give voice and form to the very essence of the brand’s design concept.

Characterized by a surface that features a hand-laid effect with a slight graphic movement, Norse offers different sizes developed in a palette of seven shades that is complemented by unusual decorative patterns. The outdoor Thick 20 mm version focuses instead on three colors that maintain the casual style and refined total look typical of Terratinta Ceramiche.

Norse’s decorative program includes a series of complements that combine materials, colors and three-dimensional modular elements to offer a sensorial interpretation that amplifies the perception of the wall covering allowing multiple compositions. The simplicity of Roller and Roller End alternates with the antique-style weaves of Hyper and Knit, where the invitation to embark on a journey through time between mosaics and medieval shields is implicit. A versatile timelessness that allows you to go beyond the clichés of tile use, creates unexpected and evocative spaces, alternating tone-on-tone colors in symbiosis with the shades and saturated hues taken from the Hexa palette, Terratinta Ceramiche‘s historic collection. 

With Norse, colors become evocative to create a feeling of total palette immersion. Names like Fog, Powder, Clay, Ash, Mud, Crete and Earth are a reference to nature in all its sophisticated beauty. Each variation adapts in a personal way to the different areas of the home, maintaining an independent spirit but in harmony with the style of Terratinta Ceramiche, which continues to evolve by respectfully observing the past yet looking to the future.