Trove Cultivate Collection

August 24, 2021

Modern multi-media wallcovering design house Trove returns to its roots with a new floral-inspired collection reflective of a moment of reawakening. As we collectively emerge from the past year’s challenges, Trove looks to examine the truth in beauty as essential to regeneration or even transformation. The Cultivate Collection, featuring Vola, Gild and Calor, tells the story of strength found both in the natural world and humankind.

Calor, an ode to the mighty poppy, draws from the flower’s ability to inspire a dormant world each spring. Vola is a gorgeous print made up of roses sculpted out of clay, creating a balance of grace and a thorny disposition. Finally, Gild is a mix of Art Nouveau and Art Deco design, depicting a fan reverberated in its rhythm, symbolizing how man-made materials are simply an extension of the natural world.