WallPepper H2O System

July 12, 2021

Thanks to the special WallPepper/H2O SystemWallPepper/Group graphics can be applied on the walls or, with a simple preparation of the surface, on existing tiles. Suitable to be placed behind bathroom fixtures, in the shower stall or poolside, wallpaper can transform every corner into an unexpected and surprising world, with the added value of superior hygiene and safety.

The H2O system is a technical waterproof, heat-resistant and moisture-proof material. This innovative system is scratch resistant and very strong, as it is composed by smooth pressed-glass-fibers sheets coated with a special antibacterial protective covering. This material is flame-retardant and can be easily cleaned with common detergents. This exclusive system can be used as base for any graphics, in order to embellish the restroom with freedom and creativity, with the added value of WallPepper/Group quality standards.

WallPepper/Group graphics – printed on only natural, versatile, sustainable, certified and PVC-free materials – are ideal to customize any environment, even bathroom spaces or wellness areas, which are constantly exposed to water and humidity.