Wilsonart Grand Summit Quartz Collection

November 28, 2023

Wilsonart is changing the landscape of quartz surfaces with the introduction of six new designs within its Grand Summit Wilsonart Quartz collection. Featuring new, widely coordinating color schemes, unique movement structures and intriguing depth that conveys the authentic look and feel of natural stone, the new designs deliver an unprecedented beauty and performance that is sure to heighten a residential space. 

From the golden hills of the Altamonte Pass to the lush Scottish Highlands, the Grand Summit Wilsonart Quartz collection lives up to its name. Featuring styles from white neutrals to soft grays, the collection has a design for every taste, space and budget. The new designs include: 

  • Altamonte (Q4074) carries a soft fog mist background that is accented by large-scale organic swaths that gracefully transition in color, ranging from creamy white to golden neutral to bronze. 
  • Nevis Ridge (Q4075) is a bright neutral to warm white marbled background. Active veining in brown to gold to cool gray abound, while additional thin veins of golden brown to cool gray extend into open areas of the design. Subtle, large-scale veins in soft, cool gray also flow through the slab. 
  • Verde Peak (Q4076) contains a bright white, delicately marbled background that is traversed by open, green-gray veins that vary from thin to wide. Areas of these veins may occasionally darken or soften into small pools of soft gray that infrequently appear along these larger veins. Thin veins also extend throughout the slab, varying in tone and value.
  • Glencoe (Q4077) is a warm neutral color with a slightly translucent, marbled background. Thin and active veins in creamy white create a fractured appearance similar to quartzite stone. Large swaths in varying golden tones flow through the slab, sometimes forming into long thin veins.
  • Marathi Marble (Q4078) is a warm taupe color with slight translucency, reminiscent of quartzite stone. Thin white veins flow throughout the background, while additional thin, golden veins intersect diagonally. 
  • Ostler Peak (Q4079) is a soft grey background. The slab is traversed by thin, subdued tan-gray veins to higher contrast blue black veining. These veins occasionally expand into wider open veins. Short veins in these same colors fade in the background, lending a unique depth to this design.

Wilsonart Quartz provides incredible strength and versatility, allowing design professionals and homeowners alike to reimagine their style story without limits. It maintains its brilliance even in the most well-used areas. 

All Wilsonart Quartz designs are extremely durable, easy to maintain and clean, stain-resistant, feature a 10-year limited warranty and are UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified for indoor air quality. Wilsonart Quartz is also a recent recipient of the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) Declare label, which details the material health composition of building products to help inform consumers about the safety of the products they use every day.

Photo credit: Wilsonart