Wilsonart Solid Surface Collection New Hues

July 3, 2023

The Wilsonart Solid Surface collection captures nature’s movements and hues in six new modern designs. Blurring the lines between engineered and natural materials, the collection’s dynamic designs take realism to a new level, providing the looks of authentic marble, concrete and stone with scale, and exciting definition and variation. 

New hues range from warm taupes, charcoal grays and metallic dusts to a full range of cool, bright and soft whites. Capturing the look of concrete, the new Masoned Concrete infuses a patina of comfort and tactility with its soft linear movement. To add a soothing yet transformative nature that will lend a creative touch to enhance your décor look to the new Calacatta Perlato. The soft and pearlescent silver-gold veins of the design appear to dance in the light. Designs include: 

  • Cannon Beach (9250SS) – Cannon Beach is a warm taupe color that contains a fine array of transparent and occasional brown particulates that lend a deeper, tone-on-tone effect to the taupe background.
  • Cool Basalt (9251SS) – Cool Basalt is a dark gray design. Small, transparent and fine gray particulates lend a slightly tactile appearance.
  • Masoned Concrete (9252SS) – Masoned Concrete has soft, large-scale linear movement in varying shades of warm gray that laterally extend across the slab. An array of fine to small transparent particulates deepen the tones and lend a textural effect, reminiscent of concrete.
  • Basalt Concrete (9254SS) – Basalt Concrete has soft, large-scale linear movement in varying tones of dark gray that laterally extend across the slab. An array of fine to small transparent particulates adds depth. The overall effect appears textural and reminiscent of a dark, cool concrete.
  • Calacatta Perlato (9913SS) – Calacatta Perlato is a large-scale warm white, translucent design with pearlescent, silver-gold veining that varies in appearance depending on the angle from which the slab is viewed.
  • Carbone Marmo (9914SS) – Carbone Marmo contains a charcoal gray background with a dense array of fine white and charcoal particulate chips, supplemented by an extra-fine silver-metallic dust. Light gray veins traverse the slab diagonally and are sometimes fragmented by soft vertical veins. The appearance of this design is reminiscent of dark soapstone.

Virtually seamless and non-porous, Wilsonart Solid Surface offerings are naturally resistant to fade, heat and most stains, and do not support the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria – making them ideal for use in residential and commercial kitchens, baths, laundry rooms and more. These surfaces are also durable, repairable and thermo-formable, and can easily be cleaned with just soap and water.