Zambaiti Parati Capsule Collection

October 14, 2021

Zambaiti Parati in collaboration with Studio Fuksas launches the 2021 Capsule Collection of five wallpapers and wallcoverings. In these new offerings, the partners experiment with various colors, graphics and textured decorations, rich in details and nuances, which reproduce the new trends of contemporary society.

The Desert Rose series of the Capsule Collection designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas was presented at Milan Design Week.  The complete collection from Zambaiti Parati will be officially presented within the year and will consist of:

Summertime: Summertime is a wallpaper that, with its intense colors and natural materials, recalls the warmth of the African sun and the flavor of the earth. With its clean lines, it embraces space and satisfies the aesthetic needs of the contemporary world, with a clear reference to continental flavor.

Bibi: Rich and deep colors, labyrinthine suggestions, vertical and horizontal lines — these are the elements that characterize Bibi. With a three-dimensional effect, which is obtained by essential graphics and hexagonal decorations, it reflects and amplifies space. It provides character and architectural appeal of great visual impact.

Desert Rose: The rose in the desert inspires this wallpaper, whose seams resemble the flower bud. Desert Rose appears on the surface after the sandstorm. Air and wind shape it to give it its geometry in soft shades of blue.

Iceberg: The huge blocks of ice drifting in the sea are the inspiration for this wallpaper. Environmental sustainability has always characterized the research work carried out by Studio Fuksas. This graphic gives life to an abstract landscape characterized by colors creating a pattern capable of decorating any space with dynamism.

Capri: Pastel colors and graphics recall the suggestive atmospheres of the most elegant and famous island in the Mediterranean. Capri becomes a source of inspiration for this elegant wallpaper in which pop accents and representations linked to the world of design are combined.