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IBB Skyline Bathroom Storage System

January 15, 2024

Designed by Alessandro Canepe and Davide Messali for IBB, the Skyline bathroom storage system was inspired by the profile of high-rises in cities around the world.

The modular elements are designed to manage the a wide variety of toiletries with discretion and order. The formal customization integrates with the aesthetic one through a series of closed compartments and open shelves. The composition can be scaled to fit any bathroom.

IBB is an Italian industrial company that has always been committed to produce and spread the values of Made in Italy. With tradition and innovation IBB produces high quality bathroom accessories and complements with a depth of range, styles, and finishes.

Sustainable materials, respectful of the environment, with purely Italian DNA, include chromed brass, stainless steel 304, recycled aluminum, ceramic and glass. The IBB philosophy is to create, thanks to the entire production cycle within the company, versatile collections with essential but also elegant and rigorous shapes, guaranteeing comfort, safety and design for objects able of responding to all bathroom needs in the residential and hotel sectors, according to the production processes and the high quality standards required by the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification.

Photo credit: IBB

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