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Niagara Conservation

March 5, 2015

Save thousands of gallons of water per year and lower utility bills with Niagara Conservation’s Hot Start showerhead. Available in Spring 2015 as part of the Stealth System product offering, the Hot Start is a temperature-controlled, EPA WaterSense-certified showerhead that allows the user to turn on the shower at full flow and wait for the shower water to heat up without any worry of being wasteful. Once the water reaches 95 degrees, the showerhead reduces the flow to a trickle, and then when the user is ready to get in the shower, they will have visual confirmation that the water is hot and can press the RESUME button on the showerhead to bring the hot water back on full stream at a flow rate of 2.0 gallons per minute. The showerhead features a modern design and chrome finish, as well as three spray settings.

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