Hauslane Under-Cabinet Range Hood

September 21, 2022

Hauslane has released the UC-PS38, an under-cabinet range hood with an innovative perimeter suction design that decentralizes the suction zone to more effectively capture smoke, steam and other byproducts from the entire cooking area, including front-burner cooking. The unit’s dual motors ensure home cooks have the option to engage professional quality suction for heavy duty cooking as well.

Many home chefs prefer to cook on front burners for convenience, and cooking byproducts will often escape when a unit’s suction zone is positioned in the rear or centralized within the range hood. In contrast, Hauslane’s perimeter suction design enables the UC-PS38 to capture smoke and cooking fumes from all zones, providing comprehensive coverage of the cooking surface.

The new 30-in. range hood has a sleek, stainless-steel body with a clean and contemporary design. Six speed settings make finding a balance of power and noise a simple task. Oil tray, panel filters and a steam clean function work in tandem to collect grease and build-up within the range hood, making maintenance easy and prolonging the life of the product and its individual components.

The hood has customizable energy-saving LED lighting and a touch screen panel with a digital clock.