Hisense Freestanding Electric Range

November 29, 2022

Hisense announces the availability of its ranges, including its Freestanding Electric Range, completing the brand’s first ever full kitchen appliance suite for U.S. consumers. The spacious, stainless-steel freestanding ranges boast powerful burners and a versatile oven cavity, offering a variety of premium features such as Air Fry, Fast Preheat, Convection and more. The new lineup makes it easy for families to bake, air fry, proof, roast, dehydrate, broil and cook their favorite meals. The ranges include Hisense’s two-year industry-leading warranty and are available exclusively at Lowe’s.

The HBE3501CPS Freestanding Electric Range has a large, 5.8 cu. ft capacity with an edge-to-edge max view window and features five burners, including a “power boil” burner that boasts 3300 watts to cut down on waiting times and help you multitask in the kitchen with ease. The True Convection system helps evenly distribute heat among cooking items, circulating heated air around the food continuously, for faster and more even baking and roasting on every rack. This ensures your family meals are cooked safely and properly.

The range’s Fast-preheat tech feature helps get your range 350 degrees in just seven minutes. It also has unique features like air fry, dehydrate, pizza bake, keep warm, bread proofing, convection bake, roast, frozen bake and broil. In addition, the range includes two adjustable racks that can be arranged in seven different positions.

Finally, the range possesses two cleaning options for users to choose from — Self-Clean, which is made to clean bigger messes deeply and more easily, and Steam Clean, which works quickly for smaller cleaning jobs.