May 19, 2015

KitchenAid is unveiling a new, multi-door, freestanding refrigerator with a first-of-its-kind, five-compartment configuration that provides unparalleled control for organizing and preserving the freshness of foods. Available now, the 36-in. models come in the brand’s new black stainless steel finish, an industry first, and stainless steel. 

The upper portion of the refrigerator is built with two, side-by-side compartments, similar to a traditional French door style. Inside, adjustable shelves make it easy to fit food and ingredients of all shapes and sizes, and the finely textured surface on shelf edges helps contain spills and prevent them from reaching other parts of refrigerator. A bottom mount freezer drawer serves as the fifth compartment, with a three-tier design that helps keep items organized and easy to reach.