LG Electronics

September 1, 2016

Home appliance manufacturer LG Electronics is launching new models with the InstaView feature, representing the next generation LG’s award-winning Door-in-Door refrigerator technology. Four new LG refrigerators with InstaView technology boast a sleek glass panel that illuminates with two quick knocks, allowing users to view inside without opening the door. And LG’s Door-in-Door technology allows users to access often-used items without having to open the entire refrigerator. The refrigerator’s ColdSaver Panel, a barrier between the interior compartment and the rest of the refrigerator, reduces cold air loss and helps keep food fresh. These new LG refrigerators come in LG’s black stainless finish, an evolution of traditional stainless steel. The modern update features a timeless aesthetic, and its warm, satin-smooth finish is also fingerprint and smudge resistant. LG’s new InstaView Door-in-Door French Door ENERGY STAR certified refrigerators will be available starting in September through select U.S. retailers nationwide