Miele PerfectCool Refrigerator

April 14, 2023

Miele has updated its PerfectCool refrigerator, the entry-level model with a bottom-mount freezer option that is rich with features and is used in a variety of residential settings. Most notably, PerfectCool will introduce PerfectFresh Active, a freshness system that actively humidifies the refrigerator’s vegetable drawer. Refrigerators with PerfectFresh Active are fitted with a water container in the PerfectCool base unit, which converts water droplets into vapor and releases the mist in the drawer automatically every 90 minutes and every time a user opens the refrigerator door.

PerfectCool will also see lighting improvements, due to the incorporation of FlexiLight 2.0. The plastic housing visible fitted under the glass base will be replaced by an LED strip which casts light not only into the refrigerator interior, but also towards the user.

For added convenience and function, the PerfectCool units will be equipped with a FlexiTray, a glass shelf that can be rotated from back to front. By essentially turning the shelf into a turntable, it grants users easier access to all the food items stored on it. The FlexiTray, specifically designed for Miele built-in refrigerators, makes the most of the space available in the appliance. With a 180-degree rotation, it easily allows users to bring forward food items placed at the back without having to move others out of the way.

For those seeking a connected experience, Miele has added connectivity via its Miele@Home app and WifiConn@ct. Users will be able to view and change the temperature and check on their PerfectCool appliance from any smart device.

From an updated design perspective, PerfectCool refrigerators will now feature a CleanSteel back wall and FreshTouch, sleek new controls. Miele also made improvements to the drawer design and illuminated the DynaCool fan, as well as the IceMaker.

The new line-up of PerfectCool appliances, now called K7000, will include a bottom mount refrigerator, which will launch in Spring 2023 and a column refrigerator and freezer, which will launch in Summer 2023.