June 27, 2018

Perlick has released the residential 24-inch Column Dual-Zone Wine Reserve to combat the various enemies of wine that threaten the most prized collections. The unit features a stainless steel interior and convertible display shelf and recently won a Silver Excellence in Design Award from Appliance DESIGN magazine.

The Perlick dual-zone reserve combats wine threats including temperature, humidity, vibration, light and odor. Two independently controlled temperature zones are programmable through an intuitive touch-screen control panel. Advanced technology monitors humidity levels in the reserve, and if necessary, pushes additional moisture into the compartment to maintain 60-70 percent humidity, which preserves corks, prevents oxidation and ensures the quality of wine. Two-inch thick foamed-in-place walls protect cabinet from vibrations, while adjustable, full-extension, pull-out wine shelves are vinyl-coated to smoothly and gently access bottles. Perlick’s triple-pane, Low-E glass is specially coated with UV-resistant protection to provide industry-leading insulation and protection. Low-E glass reduces the amount of UV light that enters the reserve without sacrificing the clarity of the product. To protect against odor, every Perlick wine reserve features commercial-grade stainless steel interiors and natural carbon air filtration. Stainless steel provides a nonporous, sanitary interior that resists odor and stains.