Signature Kitchen Suite PowerSteam Dishwasher

April 16, 2023

For easy cleanup, Signature Kitchen Suite is announcing the new PowerSteam dishwasher with a one-hour wash and dry. This sleek, stainless-steel top-control dishwasher uses a dynamic combination of QuadWash Pro and Dynamic Heat Dry technologies to deliver a rapid and thorough clean in just one hour.

For sparkling dishes, TrueSteam penetrates caked-on foods and reduces water spots, while QuadWash Pro technology uses improved, high-pressure jets to power-clean from multiple angles while soaking dishes with microbubble-infused water to breakdown the heaviest of soiling, delivering maximum cleaning coverage every time. A height-adjustable third rack allows for fewer loads with the perfect place for items of various shapes and sizes.

For added convenience, the ThinQ app allows users to download new and improved cycles and conveniently start the dishwasher remotely. This new Signature Kitchen Suite model meets the criteria for the Energy Star “Most Efficient 2023” designation.