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Grass America Nova Pro Scala

November 30, 2023

Grass America, has introduced the Nova Pro Scala, an elegantly restyled, functionally optimized successor to the well-known Nova Pro double-wall drawer system. The new hardware adds a timeless, futuristic design to the high quality, stability, running performance and versatility of the Nova Pro, providing a look and feel that is in high demand across the residential kitchen and bath market.  

The modern design of the Nova Pro Scala features crisp lines, right angles and small radii, all perfectly aligned to give a harmonized impression. Available in silver, stone and ice finishes, the satin metallic surfaces complement the high-end, modern look.  Designer panels can be fabricated and added to the sides, offering expanded design possibilities. 

With its modular versatility, the new offering meets the requirements for a wide range of markets and applications. Options include heights of 63mm, 90mm, 186mm and 250mm, available in lengths of 270mm and 300-650mm in 50mm increments, perfect for closet applications. Fully compatible with 32mm indexing, Nova Pro Scala boasts load ratings from 88 pounds for standard drawers to 154 pounds for the heavy-duty version. Add-on features like Grass’ Tavinea Optima organizers, railings and the Tipmatic Soft-close and Sensomatic touch-to-open systems further enhance the functionality and appeal of this drawer system. 

The popular Nova Pro Scala is easy to adjust and fabricate utilizing Grass America’s extensive line of professional installation and assembly machines, jigs and other aids to ensure high efficiency and quality control. The drawer system boasts an appealing appearance, ease of installation and reliable functionality, making it a leading solution in today’s market.

Phot credit: Grass America

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