Häcker Kitchens Metal Frame Door with Grooved Glass

March 29, 2024

Häcker Kitchens, the leading German manufacturer of modern kitchen cabinetry, brings contrast and texture to the forefront of cabinet design as they expand the Systemat line with the new Metal Frame Door with Grooved Glass. This novel door style speaks to the brand’s commitment to furnish residential kitchens with progressive pieces, by melding its signature contemporary edge, with a range of stylistic decoration.

The mixed materials and heterogenous details on display in the Metal Frame Door with Grooved Glass will revolutionize the way designers and homeowners layer the kitchen with aesthetic intrigue. The titanium fame features a sleek, matte handless shilouette, that provides a striking, yet minimal profile for the high-definition glass insert. Interposed within the frame is a semi-translucent pane, accentuated by outward facing vertical grooving. When placed in the kitchen, the fusion of these diverging elements establishes unparalleled dynamic dimension.

Founded by Herman Häcker in 1898, the family-owned company, now in the fourth generation, supplies more than 60 countries on every continent. The North American headquarters is located in Miami, Florida. State-of-the-art production facilities combined with a proprietary fleet allow the company to meet customer requirements down to the last detail. Häcker Kitchens is the first kitchen furniture manufacturer whose entire product portfolio is climate-neutral.

Photo credit: Häcker Kitchens