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Hardware Resources 9390ADJ Series Hinge

July 20, 2023

Hardware Resources is expanding its soft-close compact hinge line to include the new 9390ADJ Series, an easy-to-adjust, variable-speed soft-close hinge. The new hinge features 10 adjustment options to control the speed of the soft-close feature. The exceptional flexibility of the series makes it the ideal choice for custom cabinetry shops that want to standardize with a single hinge for various door sizes and weights.

Hardware Resources developed the hinge series to give cabinetry makers the ability to simplify their operation by using one hinge for a wide range of projects. Using a flathead screwdriver, the hinge can be easily adjusted to the 10 settings. This allows the installer to set the speed of the soft-close feature to be consistent for all doors, which adds uniformity to the project. 

The 9390ADJ Series also features a quiet glide channel that reduces friction and noise when the hinges open and close. This feature, coupled with the brand’s ultra-durable, steel soft-close damper, extends the life and reliability of the hinge.

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