Nobilia Case Shelf Inserts

December 3, 2023

Nobilia has revealed its latest innovation— versatile Case Shelf Inserts. This  new offering effortlessly integrates into any nobilia furniture, revolutionizing kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

The Case Shelf Inserts are a testament to functionality and style, presenting an array of design options suitable for every corner of a home. Bringing a burst of color and expanding storage possibilities, the inserts offer a delightful space for cherished decorative items. These allow designers to adhere to the chosen design concept across different rooms, creating a seamless aesthetic with minimal effort.

Nobilia’s Case Shelf Inserts bring a touch of individuality to a space. Breaking free from conventional styles, they introduce vibrant accents and provide a canvas for personal design and decoration ideas. Available in four distinct wood and concrete décors, the collection ensures that your design aspirations will be met with sophistication and flexibility.

Photo credit: nobilia