Team 7 Pur Kitchen

January 20, 2024

Comfortable handling meets a linear, ultra-minimalist design with the Pur kitchen model. By introducing finely crafted recessed grips for top and bottom cabinets, TEAM 7 is offering its customers more creative freedom when designing their kitchen. The ingeniously constructed, precisely dimensioned recess makes it delightfully easy to open hinged doors, drawers and pull-outs – while consistently pursuing the idea of a sleek, minimalist kitchen design with clear lines. In order to seamlessly turn this vision into a reality, we needed to employ creativity and expertise: that’s why TEAM 7 designed a new element system specif­i­cally for this purpose, carefully taking into account the design requirements of the new style of handle. The Pur kitchen was designed by Sebastian Desch.

The recessed grips open up a wealth of design options and leave no wish unfulfilled. On bottom cabinets, for example, grips can be positioned both at the top and in the middle or – in combination with drawers, pull-outs with a soft-touch opening or servo drive mechanism – at the top only. Tall cabinets with vertical-grain wood fronts or glass fronts, on the other hand, can be fitted with vertical recessed grips extending up to 227.8 cm to cover the entire height of the cabinet.

The elegant design of the Pur kitchen is also characterized by the new continuous tall cabinet fronts, which create a clean look without any handles or horizontal joints. Last but not least, the recessed grip enables users to open the hinged doors at any height, offering an additional level of comfort and flexibility.

Photo credit: Team 7