September 6, 2017

Way Materia, an evolution of Way kitchen by Snaidero Design, focuses on pure lines and clean design. This kitchen model’s technically innovative materials, such as the Laminam ceramic, celebrate utility. The ceramic worktop makes an ideal kitchen ally; its Laminam ceramic surface serves as a hygienic and antibacterial workstation. Being able to withstand chopping with sharp blades and hot liquids, including oil and wine or scalding pans. The Laminam ceramic features large porcelain stoneware surfaces in 3-mm. thickness. The kitchen features soft colors with delicate nuances inspired by wet plaster and industrial concrete. The visual impact of Way Materia is emphasized by big austere volumes. The large cupboards are integrated on tall unit elements, a solution that allows the full utilization of the vertical space to 107 inches. Way Materia from Snaidero is an expression of minimalist aesthetic that is refined and made in Italy from cutting-edge technologies.