Wood-Mode Metal Finish Elements

December 2, 2023

Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry is introducing several new metal finish elements that allow designers to add a glint of sophistication or a bold touch of glamor to their cabinetry design.

Metal Inlay

Cabinetry design is not limited to just the door style, finish, color and configuration. Adding a metal inlay can emphasize the detail of the cabinetry door and coordinate with broader metal elements in the room such as hardware, lighting and fixtures. Available in brushed stainless,

mirrored stainless and brushed brass, the metal inlay is expertly applied to the recessed door panel. This option is used exclusively with Sturbridge, Chatham, Sonoma and Darien Heights door styles. The inlay is configured with a solid metal square, a rounded metal tube or a chic

x-mullion for enhanced appeal. This feature can be combined with any paint color, wood stain, or wood species as recommended by a Wood-Mode designer. Custom applications are also accommodated including inlays on columns, range hoods, and wainscoting.

Metal Mesh Inserts

Cabinetry door design can also be customized through a broad variety of metal mesh inserts. In this option, the recessed door panel is replaced with high-quality, rigid metal mesh. While metal mesh has been available as a custom element, Wood-Mode is expanding its mesh offering to include different finishes, weaves and levels of openness in the weave.

A selection of six wire mesh inserts is now available, including burnished brass, chrome, satin brass, matte black and pewter. This feature can be applied to any recessed door style in the Wood-Mode offering and combined with any paint color, wood stain or wood species as recommended by a Wood-Mode designer.

Photo credit: Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry