InSinkErator Power and Advance Series Disposals

October 9, 2023

InSinkErator has introduced the Power and Advance Series disposals, the next generation for today’s modern kitchen. Completely redesigned to grind more types of food waste and do so quietly, the new disposals feature the company’s re-engineered MultiGrind and SoundSeal Technology. InSinkErator has also simplified installation on these units with the new EZ Connect technology. 

Invented, designed and assembled in the U.S., this next generation of disposals demonstrates the commitment InSinkErator makes to innovation in today’s modern kitchen, providing an environmentally friendly solution for managing food waste. More than 85 years ago, InSinkErator revolutionized the way food waste was discarded in the kitchen, and it continues to be a category leader. 

According to the EPA, every year, food waste contributes to 18% of total U.S. methane emissions that come from landfills. An average family of four produces more than 600 pounds of food waste each year. Using an InSinkErator garbage disposal helps divert food waste from landfills, benefiting the community and slowing the acceleration of climate change. The new and improved garbage disposals from InSinkErator have been designed to grind food waste into finer particles that easily flow through household pipes, giving homeowners more confidence to use their disposal without fear of plumbing issues.

Photo credit: InSinkErator