Native Trails

April 14, 2014

Get a sophisticated yet urban look in the kitchen with Native Trails’ NativeStone concrete sinks. Constructed using a mixture of jute fiber and cement, the sinks weigh approximately 40 percent less than sinks made using standard concrete. The collection includes kitchen, bar/prep and lavatory sinks, which make use of the inherent durability and resilience of jute, a vegetable fiber traditionally used for making rope, twine and heavy duty packaging. When mixed with cement, jute helps to produce a strong material with high tensile strength, while creating a dramatically lighter product. Jute is a renewable resource, as it grows in tropical, wet climates and does not rely on fertilizer to grow. In addition, jute is also 100 percent biodegradable and recyclable. Each sink is sealed using a nanosealer, which penetrates the concrete on a molecular level to create a protective, yet integrated barrier against stains and scratching.

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