Rohl Allia Fine Fireclay Workstation Sink

April 26, 2023

New to the kitchen is the Rohl Allia Fine Fireclay Workstation Sink by House of Rohl, a sink that offers interchangeable kitchen tools for a seamless kitchen experience. This workstation is much more than a sink — it simplifies food prep and clean up with interchangeable accessories. Additionally, each Allia sink is covered with a thick layer of luminous glaze, which fuses with the clay to provide an extremely strong surface combined with a resplendent sheen. Impervious to stains and chips, Allia sinks are as easy to maintain as they are beautiful to behold.

Since 1892, Allia fine fireclay sinks have been crafted in Limoges, France, the region celebrated for exemplary porcelain. It is in this part of France where clay is remarkably durable and richly lustrous. The range of shapes and styles gives pure functionality a high-gloss tone.