Accurate Lock & Hardware SmartEntry Lock

November 18, 2021

Accurate Lock & Hardware’s award-winning SmartEntry lock has been updated for use with sliding and pocket doors. One of the first smart phone-operated mortise locks, SmartEntry combines Accurate’s mechanical expertise with industry-leading technology. The battery-powered smartlock features keyless local entry via Bluetooth or remote access via ethernet bridge connection, both of which are controlled by a proprietary app for ease and convenience, allowing the user to grant keyless entry through sliding and swinging doors from virtually anywhere in the world.

As smart home technology continues to rise in popularity, SmartEntry is a solution with flexibility of operation while never compromising aesthetics as there are no exposed electronics. The product was designed to give the user ease of access while also keeping design a priority, as it can be paired with any manufacturers’ architectural trim.

The key benefits of SmartEntry include:

• Electronics are hidden – the CPU, wiring and all technology are hidden inside the door, so there are no wires, punch codes to distract from the aesthetics of the door.

• Retrofit Ready – if someone purchased an expensive entry set for their front door a few years ago but now wanted to make it smartphone operable, they could easily do that without changing the trim but switching out the lock. It offers a great opportunity to upgrade for convenience.

• Compatibility – SmartEntry is compatible with most architectural style trim including popular brands like Rocky Mountain, Hamilton Sinkler and Sun Valley Bronze.

• App Control – homeowners can lock or unlock from anywhere in the world with remote access, set schedules for guests and family and keep audit trail of door access.

Upcoming technology upgrades will include a next generation WiFi bridge, which features improved connectivity, more reliable communication and a sleeker look.

Accurate Lock & Hardware‘s SmartEntry has won multiple awards, including just recently for the new sliding and pocket door version: the 2021 DPHA Hardware Product of the Year and the 2021 Architect’s Newspaper Editor’s Choice. The original version of SmartEntry also won the DPHA and Architect’s Newspaper awards in 2020.