Berenson Disc and Right Collections

February 4, 2022

Berenson has introduced the Disc Collection of contemporary knobs and the Right Collection of pulls. These hardware introductions will be part of the brand’s Art Tech series under the R. Christensen by Berenson line. Both collections will be available in brushed nickel, black, white and soft gold finishes. 

The beauty of these pieces is their simplicity. The linear and angular design of the Right Collection can add a streamlined touch to a kitchen or bath. The flat, round design of the Disc Collection is a classic shape for modern homes. Their simple forms complement each other, making them great to pair. 

The knobs of Disc will come in a large and small size option. The pulls of Right will be offered in 128mm, 192mm and 320mm CC sizes. These collections will make their debut at KBIS 2022.