Federal Brace

November 9, 2016

Federal Brace announces a new edition to its Designer Support Line. The Portland Gusseted Countertop Support Bracket is a unique support with marine inspirations. With a circular cutout, not unlike a boat’s porthole, this bracket can be a go-to item for a beach-style home. Whether for use on a wall-hung counter or an island overhang to create an entertainment or breakfast bar, the Portland provides complete support and strength, keeping your cabinets safe and your countertops “afloat.”

The strong central gusset with the decorative cutout provides additional support between the flanges and, made of ¼-in. thick, high-quality steel, the Portland has an ample carry capacity of more than 500 lbs. per individual bracket. The new bracket will be available in three sizes for varying overhang lengths, as well as two finishes. The 10-, 12- and 16-in. brackets, which are suggested for overhangs of up to 14, 16 and 20 in. respectively, come in a sleek stainless steel, to match modern appliances, and a raw steel that can be painted or glazed to match any desired color or existing decor.