Global Kitchen Concepts | Kathy Ireland Kitchen Hacks

May 13, 2020

Global Kitchen Concepts | kathy ireland has launched a new line of exclusive kitchenware and decor called Kitchen Hacks. Made by some of the world’s leading manufacturers, this new line gives customers the most up-to-date, finely crafted hardware, accessories, décor and technology for kitchens, at affordable prices.

Kitchen Hacks includes Kathy Ireland‘s Essentials collection – a personally selected line of accessories, décor and interior accents curated by the fashion icon. The new Kitchen Hacks collection includes more than 200 must-have kitchen items, such as storage containers, drawer dividers, utility shelves, cabinet handles, décor and furniture, all uniquely designed to turn any ordinary kitchen into a high-end, functional space.  The wide range of designs in this collection are made to fit every décor style, while elevating any kitchen in a unique way. The collection also includes “hacks” such as backsplash racks (shown); finely crafted plate holders; cookware designed by some of Europe’s finest artisans, including glass pots, silicone pot covers and removable pot handles; compartmentalized trash bins for easy recycling; cutlery, cutlery racks and cutting boards for the home chef. All products in the Kitchen Hacks collection are uniquely designed to not only transform the aesthetic of a kitchen, but also for optimizing space.