Johnson Hardware Sliding-Door Hardware

August 6, 2022

Johnson Hardware offers sliding-door hardware for  sliding doors that offer more useable floor space compared to traditional swinging doors and have an impact on the style of the room. Most kitchens and pantries could benefit from more space and better organization. In many cases, built-in shelves and drawers offer an ideal space-saving solution for a crowded closet because they allow for more room, greater visibility, and easier access to items. Many homeowners have also discovered that changing the closet doors can enhance the use of closet space. 

When organizing a closet or pantry for more space, homeowners like the easy access to everything in the closet, plus the customizable options of sliding doors makes for better kitchen design.  

Johnson’s 111SD Sliding Bypass door hardware is an ideal solution for most closet doors. The hardware can support doors up to 150 pounds per panel, which allows for many styles of wood, metal and glass doors. As shown in the photo above, the inside of the pantry is still visible when both metal and glass bypass doors are closed, keeping kitchen essentials in sight yet tucked away.

Strong three-wheel hangers are completely adjustable and feature machine-turned ball-bearing wheels for smooth gliding operation. The compact aluminum track is precision extruded for a smoother slide and the box design prevents wheels from jumping off the track.