Meljac Brass

June 12, 2020

MELJAC, a leader in luxury electrical hardware, creates bespoke brass casings for thermostats, security and other room controls. Shown is the unit in brass with a champagne finish. MELJAC gives its design partners and clients the option of adapting third-party components with the same materials and finishes as their lighting controls, outlet plates and other electrical accessories. These models, made in France, offer unique quality and elegance – eliminating plastic finishes and providing a harmonious touch to a sophisticated interior. 

All MELJAC products are made with quality materials and bear the prestigious “Origine France Garantie” label. Simply provide the company with the original casing, often coated in plastic, and its design office will propose with a more elegant alternative. Customers can personalize their model with engravings and choose their preferred finish from a chart of 26 shades, all produced by hand in keeping with the finest tradition.