PullCast Hendrix Pulls

May 27, 2022

Twist by PullCast is a mid-century modern hardware series with contemporary influences, which includes the Hendrix pulls. The designs in Twist are heavily influenced by artistic influences, especially the electrifying world of music as well as other cultural developments that were rather prominent during the mid-20th century. The PullCast Twist Collection also explores the simplicity and elegance of the mid-century modern design style but introduces a contemporary twist to the mixture, allowing for more authentic ways of decorating and accessorizing a home.

Featuring both mid-century and contemporary allure, the new Hendrix pulls come in crowning glory with a new marbleized aesthetic. The veined marble tones in black and white allow for a striking decor contrast. All pieces of the series are made with Carrara marble but are also available in Guatemala and Estremoz marble upon request.