Rocky Mountain Hardware

February 14, 2017

Edge, the new arrival from Rocky  Mountain Hardware, is distinguished by an escutcheon that measures 2 inches wide instead of the standard 2.5 inches. This slimmer, narrower style adds a more contemporary choice to Rocky Mountain’s portfolio of products. The launch of Edge also comes two new textured finishes exclusive to the series: Wire is a tactile as well as visual tease, with a tangle of lines enwrapping the surface; and Moonscape has a fluidity that’s frozen in place, created by a bronze over pour in production and resulting in an intriguing motif. In addition to these edgier treatments, Edge is offered in four other texture options that have long been in Rocky Mountain‘s lineup along with a choice of 10 high quality finishes that are signatures of the brand’s art-bronze construction. Edge offers customization, too. Architects and interior designers can specify their style of lever to match with the Edge escutcheon plate, as well as propose individualized adaptions and modifications to satisfy a client’s tastes and needs.