Top Knobs Pull Series Expansions

January 3, 2022

Top Knobs, a manufacturer of decorative kitchen and bath hardware, is pleased to announce the expansion of its Bit pull and Charlotte pull series. The extension includes new sizes for both lines as well as an exclusive finish offering for the Bit pull. 

The Bit Series Mixed Metals Expansion 

Forge a feeling of wonder and excitement with the Mixed Metal Bit pulls. This adventurous new look shies away from the standard appearance of one-toned decorative hardware and introduces an exciting mix of Top Knobs highly sought-after flat black finish paired with honey bronze or pewter antique details.

The Bit Series Size Expansion 

Top Knobs invites modern edge to interiors by refreshing the Bit pull series with new size options. This series of cabinet pulls invigorates kitchens and baths with a powerfully level handgrip and detailed base that instantly demands attention. New pull sizes include 5/16, 6 5/16, 7 9/16 and 12 inches cc, while new appliance pull sizes include 12 and 18 inches cc. 

The Charlotte Series Size Expansion 

With influences rooted in the timeless appeal of 19th-century design, the Charlotte series of pulls and matching cup pulls features a harmonious blend of traditional charm and contemporary style. The expansion invites four new sizes that will lend added style and charm to cabinetry of all shapes and sizes. New pull sizes ad 8 and 12 inches cc, and new appliance pull sizes are 12 and 18 inches cc.