VepaDrentea Hemp Chairs

December 16, 2020

Dutch furniture manufacturer VepaDrentea has introduced a fully recyclable, carbon-negative range of chairs. These Hemp chairs were developed by combining European hemp grower and processor HempFlax‘s high-quality, natural industrial hemp fibers with a biological resin, both of which are plant-based and fully biodegradable and recyclable. Hemp fiber is the strongest natural fiber in the world and, when pressed into non-woven fabric mats and combined with binding agents, can be used to produce extremely strong, durable shells suitable for a range of industrial applications.

VepaDrentea recognized these qualities and chose HempFlax non-woven fabrics as a raw material to make the seat shell for its Hemp chair collection. The hemp is treated with a biological resin, made from plant-based materials including sugar-beet residues, which acts as a binding agent, organically gluing the materials together. The resulting novel biomaterial, which is molded into a seat shell, has been expertly developed by Plantics, an innovative bio-plastics developer, and is patented worldwide. Plantics and VepaDrentea collaborated intensively for two years to turn this biomaterial into a high-quality seat shell suitable for mass-market use. As a result of hemp’s CO2 sequestering qualities, the VepaDrentea Hemp chair production process absorbs more CO2 than is emitted, making the range of chairs carbon negative.

The VepaDrentea Hemp collection includes chairs and bar stools with various frames made of PEFC-certified wood or recyclable steel. In addition, the chairs are designed in such a way that the various parts are easy to separate, and materials can be reused endlessly, fostering a truly circular bioeconomy.

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