Brokis Bamboo Forest

May 20, 2023

Designed by Fumie Shibata for Brokis, Bamboo Forest draws inspiration from the vertical contours rising up in stands of bamboo. Conceived to evoke a unique atmospheric ambience, the hand-sculpted glass forms a bamboo stalk complete with the typical nodal ring, where the material thickens, creating a soft accent in the form of subtle shadows. With different types and varying positions of the node on the stalks, thanks to which the origins of the collection are at once recognizable, compositions of multiple lights transform the interior into a sanctuary replete with the soothing tranquility of a natural bamboo forest. The lights also work well as solitary pieces. A diffuser with 90% transparency bends the light and creates a striking accent in the interior. 

The lights in the Bamboo Forest collection come in six types and are available in either opaline, brown or light gray smoke glass. The Innovative Brokis connector enhances the overall variability of the lights by simplifying not only installation of large sets, but also maintenance and cleaning. Furthermore, the connectors make it easy to rearrange the light for a refreshing new “lumiscape” any time the mood strikes. The collection offers options for creating both original combinations and single-point accent lighting in interior spaces.