Buster + Punch EXHAUST

April 27, 2020

London-born home fashion label, Buster + Punch, introduces EXHAUST: a new range of functional yet decorative spotlights. Designed with the intent to advance the style of task lighting, each EXHAUST spotlight is fitted with machined solid metal and Buster + Punch’s unmistakable linear knurl pattern. This is the second collection from Buster + Punch this year to introduce its ‘new look’ diamond-milled linear knurling.

Known for injecting attitude into mundane home details and fittings – such as door levers, cabinet hardware, light switches and now, spotlights – the EXHAUST range features fixed, adjustable, track and pendant spotlight products. Each EXHAUST spotlight is fitted with a beautifully machined, solid metal baffle designed to capture and diffuse light. The unique baffle design features Buster + Punch’s unmistakable new linear knurl pattern and signature torx screws, alongside a precision-cut honeycomb grill that is engineered to create a delicate metallic glow while also emitting a precise, non-glare, directional light.

Each EXHAUST light is available in a graphite or stone powder-coated metal body, an elevated and intentional departure from the stark, traditional black and white offerings most often seen in functional lighting. Also available is a choice of baffle in STEEL, BRASS, GUN METAL or BURNT STEEL. BURNT STEEL is an innovative/ fashion-forward finish first launched in January with the brand’s new LINEAR hardware range. When a motorbike exhaust runs lean, the excessive heat turns the metal into a stunning rainbow of blue, purple and yellow. Harnessing an oxide effect, when applied to marine-grade stainless steel the result is a highly original and unique metal effect. BURNT STEEL leads the way in new metallics and unlike an applied finish, the cutting-edge process means that no two finishes are ever the same.

EXHAUST SPOT: a fully adjustable spotlight with a flush ceiling rose (a thin-profile canopy). EXHAUST SPOT is best for use around the edges of a space to light artwork, surfaces and shelves.

EXHAUST SURFACE: a surface-mounted, fixed spotlight designed to replace recessed lighting, which is known to create a glare. The EXHAUST range features a precision-cut honeycomb grill engineered to ensure a subtle yet precise non-glare light.

EXHAUST TRACK (Available Summer 2020): a track spotlight that is fully adjustable, comes with a single circuit H-style track adapter and is compatible with the most popular Halo-style universal track. While track lighting has traditional use in hospitality spaces such as restaurants, galleries or retail spaces, the flexible design of the EXHAUST TRACK is highly useful in home spaces such as living rooms or kitchens where adjustable lighting is highly desired.

EXHAUST PENDANT: a pendant spotlight with 118 inches of cable and a flush ceiling rose, the EXHAUST PENDANT is ideal for use above tables, breakfast bars, retail spaces or desks to light surfaces. When installed in a series or cluster, they add an architectural and unique functional detail to the setting.

EXHAUST SPOT, SURFACE and PENDANT are available to order now on www.busterandpunch.us and EXHAUST TRACK is available for pre-order with release in Summer 2020.