August 9, 2016

Power management company Eaton has announced the launch of the Dim-to-Warm (D2W) technology for its Portfolio and Halo light-emitting diode (LED) recessed downlighting product lines. The award-winning D2W technology mimics the performance of an incandescent halogen lamp source when dimmed, smoothly dimming from a whiter LED color temperature to a warm, soft glow. Dimming LED products reduces the light output but does not change the color as it does when dimming standard incandescent sources.

The D2W technology is available as an option for the Portfolio four-in. and six-in. round and square LED downlights and the six-in. LED cylinder. The products are offered in 900 to 2000 lumen packages and provide a 90 Color Rendering Index (CRI) throughout the dimming range. Eaton‘s D2W technology is also available as an option for the Halo ML56 LED product line that offers multiple lumen packages and color temperatures that are interchangeable with dedicated five-in. and six-in. downlight and directional trims.