OLEV Beam Stick Nuance Suspension Lamp

December 2, 2023

OLEV has introduced Beam Stick Nuance in an intense and evocative new forest green color. Designed to create enchanting, relaxing environments, the hue is the latest addition to the collection designed by Marc Sadler. 

Sensual and alluring, Beam Stick Nuance is a spherical LED suspension lamp that combines design and technology with fine Italian craftsmanship. Created by overlapping three layers of mouth-blown glass crafted using age-old Venetian craftsmanship techniques, it boasts a distinctive texture with a unique, sophisticated gradient effect.

Conceived to obtain a subtle, enveloping lighting solution, the lamp has two LED light sources — the first spreads an alluring, soft light, thanks to the beautiful gradient effects of the glass, while the second projects an unfiltered beam of light downwards, for a more precise, targeted solution. 

The collection is also available in the versions Ballot on and Balloton 350 (with a 35 cm diameter, new for 2023), also crafted in three-layer blown glass and with the addition of the special Balloton process that creates a three-dimensional effect with a raised criss-cross pattern on the glass recalling matelassé fabric.

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Photo credit: OLEV