Troy Lighting

April 21, 2017

The nostalgic Audiophile collection from Troy Lighting manages to be retro and contemporary at the same time. The knurled details of the functional cord fasteners, hardware and light bulb socket holders are reminiscent of tuning knobs or accessories on mid-to-late-century high-fidelity audio equipment and guitar amps.

A hand-worked iron frame keeps perfect tension and balance on the woven power cables that suspend each substantial clear blown-glass shade. Vintage inspired bulbs are iconic symbols of vacuum-tube amplifiers – the heartbeat of electric energy and light. The polished aluminum accents alternate with an old silver finish to create a subtle depth of detail and style in this deceptively simple pendant.

Troy Lighting‘s Audiophile is offered in a five-light pendant, a three-light pendant, a three-light island, a single-light pendant and a single-light sconce. More than 10 feet of cable is provided to create multiple installation height options.