WAC Lighting Aether Atomic

February 10, 2023

WAC Lighting introduces Aether Atomic, diminutive trimless LED recessed luminaires. An engineering marvel in recessed lighting, Aether Atomic breaks the mold with convenient serviceability and robust illumination (up to 1,000-plus lumens) from a diminutive aperture for stealth-like illumination for a quiet ceiling.  

Minuscule and mighty, peerless and powerful, the new potent luminaire is creatively engineered with LED technology with shallow housing designs that fit tight plenum spaces. With small yet serviceable ½- and 1-in. apertures, WAC proprietary technology ensures that it is future-proofed with easily replaceable LED light engines without disturbing the ceiling.  

The 1-in. downlight offers low-glare, robust lumen output and three high-efficiency reflectors that are included and field-changeable. This style is offered in black, gold, haze and white finishes.  

The ½-in. pinhole projects dramatic lower lumen illumination from a more discreet source while including two high-efficiency reflectors that are field changeable. This model is available in black or white.  

Die-cast aluminum constructed with a universal housing profile for shallow plenums, the luminaires include high-quality stainless steel spackle frames for long-lasting durability.  

Using just 11 watts of power, WAC‘s Aether Atomic is available in four CCTs: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K. Operating on a 120-277 Volt Universal system, it dims beautifully from 100 to 1% with ELV, TRIAC (120V only), and 0-10V systems, and is IC-rated for remodeling and new construction projects.