May 26, 2015

Armstrong Floor Products introduces five additions to the company’s Alterna

engineered stone flooring collection, the ideal and innovative, choice over  natural stone and ceramic tile. The new Alterna designs were inspired by today’s contemporary looks and can be personalized according to taste. The designs are meant to be mixed-and-matched to create different color combinations and patterns and include a concrete-infused collection, one with the texture of timber casted in stone, a marble feature with cool gray tones underscored with a hint of warm beige, a contemporary design mimicking the linear texture of fine filament strands to create a striated tile that is reminiscent of an organic fabric and a design with the rustic look of metal. 

Alterna flooring is designed and printed in Pennsylvania; the stone is quarried and manufactured in Illinois and features more than 90% domestic content. Alterna engineered stone flooring is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms and other high-moisture areas. Alterna tiles can also be used to create decorative backsplashes, accent walls or other custom focal points. The tiles are certified for low VOC emissions and compliant with California Section 01350 for low VOC emissions, recognized as the strictest in the country.