Caesarstone Time Collection

September 21, 2023

Caesarstone has introduced the Time Collection, a series made of Caesarstone Mineral, a new generation of surfaces created with advanced sustainable manufacturing and materials.   

Caesarstone’s latest premium low-silica sustainable surfaces are made with the brand’s distinct blend of natural minerals and recycled materials and offers the same superior durability, performance and aesthetic as quartz while also reducing crystalline silica content from 90% to less than 40% and in some cases, even less than 10%.  This is just another reflection of Caesarstone’s commitment to sustainability and partnership with their consumers and business partners. 

Caesarstone is launching its new mineral surfaces with the Time Collection, which includes three new contemporary designs crafted to transform every moment into an experience. With the natural inspiration of quartzite and marble, the collection provides versatile colors and patterns, organically bringing multiple design elements together while making a stand-out statement in any room.