Cambria Inverness Designs

October 16, 2023

Cambria has added three new offerings to its iconic quartz Inverness designs — Swansea, Everleigh and Bristol Bay. The groundbreaking new designs are fueled by Cambria’s proprietary technology and techniques and transcend the existing palette to further expand its innovative quartz surface collection. 

Swansea: The colorway guides into a tonal white, marbled design. The merging of neutral tones, debossed Inverness veins and smooth textures creates an artfully combined, warm-meets-cool design.

Everleigh: Statement meets subtle in this movement-rich design that features cool gray and warm, sand-honey tonalities, combining the best of bold patterns and soft, tone-on-tone design with delicate debossed Inverness veins.

Bristol Bay: Stormy-blue waves surge against the cool white backdrop of this striking design, cloaking its translucent gray colorways with soft ripples and pronounced spires of saturated cobalt, paired with debossed Inverness veins, adding subtle texture.

All six of the new Cambria designs are available immediately and come in 2cm and 3cm thicknesses and are available in jumbo slab size of 65.5 by 132 (60 square feet).