Ceramiche Refin Cortina Collection

January 31, 2022

Ceramiche Refin presents Cortina, a timeless collection inspired by the wood recovered from alpine huts and reworked by the skilled hands of craftsmen. In the new decorative surfaces, the quality of stoneware and the typical tones of wood have given rise to an energetic and extremely well-balanced combination that can fit into any environment.

The new Cortina collection is the result of passionate research into the deepest fibers of wood, carried out through an in-depth exploration of the natural beauty and ancient craftsmanship techniques that still survive in the mountains of Northern Italy. The new line of decorative surfaces, with all its endless shades, transfers the traditional charm of mountain chalets to interior design environments, instilling in every context a flicker of that distant warmth. In the new collection, the strength of stoneware meets the incomparable charm of wood, intertwining in the peculiar veining of larch, pine and fir.

Cortina is available in almond, honey, natural and tobacco, an exceptional color palette inspired by the natural power of wood recovered from traditional mountain huts. To create this new collection of wall tiles, Ceramiche Refin worked closely with the craftsmen of one of the most prestigious carpentries in the Belluno area, an important point of reference in the recovery of ancient wood for subsequent use in luxury contexts, acquiring precious information on woodworking techniques and selecting the most particular staves to create the new floors.  

The distinctive feature of Cortina is its ability to combine — in its decorative surfaces — various essences inspired by different types of wood, creating an original mix with great character. Cortina contains clear references to larch wood, with its ring-shaped geometries that evoke a feeling of great resistance, to fir and pine wood that usually covers the interiors of barns, with all the marks left by the passage of time, but also to fir and larch wood, inspired by the staves caressed by the sun and marked by the weather. By combining each of these woods in an unpredictable way, Cortina floors can enrich even the most luxurious contexts, evoking the authentic emotions contained in the heart of wood and transforming them into tangible decorative elements.

The staves that inspired the collection have been carefully chosen, one by one, from 121 examples of different woods recovered from alpine huts and barns built more than 50 years ago. The result is a set of tiles that encompasses the many essences of wood and demonstrates the stages of aging through exciting color combinations and different shades. It is precisely the shades that are one of the most remarkable features of Cortina: each slab is characterized by unique shades that carry with them the history of the original staves, burnished by the sun and polished by the rain during a long exposure in the most fascinating mountain contexts. The refined balance of this collection, made even more evident by the intrinsic qualities of stoneware, can adapt to the most varied environments, even those subject to heavy wear and tear or foot traffic, bringing with it the delicate contrasts and the warm elegance of wood.

Ceramiche Refin’s new proposal is also accompanied by special formats and decorations that complement the staves, available in all the colors of the collection. Animated by unexpected geometries and weaves, the Esagono format can bring a modern and original aesthetic to any interior context. Herringbone breaks the cliché of the traditional slatted floor, proposing an eclectic and versatile decoration based on the combination of different woods and capable of adapting to any type of covering. Chalet, available in different sizes, has a great expressive power, inspired by the warmth of typical mountain chalets and characterized by great dynamism.

With its material power, but also with the delicate play of colors triggered by its shades, Cortina generates unprecedented visual and tactile emotions, giving rise to a cathartic experience with an ancient flavor.