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Clé Calacatta Gold and Viola

October 7, 2022

Clé introduces Calacatta Gold and Calacatta Viola to its stone and marble collections.

Calacatta Gold is aptly named —  it’s the gold standard of marble. Clé’s honed Calacatta Gold is a rich white stone with deep, dramatic veins of gray and ribbons of gold. Stately yet serene, it is marble with the Midas touch.

Calacatta viola is equally elevated, but is the wilder sibling. It is decadent, glamorous, bold and completely unrestrained. Running the gamut from wild to slightly tamer, Clé Calacatta Viola is a lush white marble with veins of magenta, green, purple and gold. This maximalist’s dream is a vibrant visual.

Traditionally available in slabs, the new Calacattas come in tile form. While there’s nothing quite like a sumptuous slab, tile offers several advantages over slabs. It is less costly, meaning you can bring in the luxury of Calacatta Gold and Viola for less than you otherwise might, and unlike most slabs, which come polished with a high sheen, the Clé tiles are honed, giving them a more rarefied look.

In addition to the various sizes of tile Clé has created its Calcattas in mosaic forms — penny rounds, hexes and herringbones — that create a whole new look with this stone, further expanding design options.

For that luxurious slab “feel,” larger size formats, such as 12-by-24 or even 24-by-24 inches, available in Calacatta Gold only. 

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