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Dutch Quality Oak Blend Colorway

March 31, 2024

Westlake Royal Building Products, a Westlake company, announces Oak Blend, a captivating new colorway available across Dutch Quality Stone brand’s three distinct stone profiles: Limestone, Stack Ledge and Weather Ledge.

Oak Blend is a masterfully crafted hue that redefines the rustic side of the spectrum. With a crisp and nuanced neutral tone, Oak Blend delivers a fresh take on earthy browns, captivating the senses with a subtle interplay of cream and silvery undertones. This unique combination results in a visually dynamic color that exudes modern elegance while maintaining a timeless connection to the natural world.

The Oak Blend colorway is available in three Dutch Quality Stone profiles including:


  • Limestone: The clean, classic appeal of hand-chiseled limestone in molded shapes and regular sizes that are easily installed. The timeless look of Limestone is a favorite among designers and masons
  • Stack Ledge: The irregular surface details and chiseled textures of Stack Ledge are installer-friendly thanks to their squared edges, allowing for a tighter fit.
  • Weather Ledge: Defined by long, linear pieces of varying heights and a distressed, aged surface, each stone is shaped to ensure tight dry stack installation and gives moderate shadow relief, even when grouted.

Photo credit: Dutch Quality Stone

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