HIMACS Aurora & Marmo Collection

November 23, 2023

HIMACS has extended its Aurora & Marmo collection with two new colors – Aurora Calacatta Fiore (M802) and Aurora Daymoon (M628). 

Aurora Calacatta Fiore has a luxurious marble look with thin but marked veined detail and a touch of sparkle. When a distinctive marble effect is required, Aurora Calacatta Fiore is the perfect choice with its long, flowing veins and warm white colourway. Simple and luxurious, it works perfectly with matt kitchen cabinetry, painted Shaker styles or natural wood grains. A low maintenance and always reparable alternative to real marble, it creates the same high-end look and feel but is easier to care for, fabricate and fit with seamless joins that are hygienic.

Aurora Daymoon (pictured) with its light gray base features gently layered veins and larger particles, evoking the look of the moon’s surface during daylight. It looks striking teamed with dark wooden cabinetry and industrial schemes and helps create a spacious look and feel. It also has a stunning aesthetic effect when used as large slabs.

Photo credit: HIMACS – LX Hausys