September 7, 2015

U.K.-based international brand and stone specialist Lapicida introduces new reclaimed flooring alternatives to the U.S. market for fall 2015. Sourced from quarries throughout the world, Lapicida’s latest offerings are cost-effective variations to the brand’s most popular, core reclaimed products. In response to the high demand for genuine, antique stone, Lapicida will introduce eight new products. Each stone is newly-cut and distressed by hand to resemble the authentic antique, allowing Lapicida to provide the reclaimed look in much larger quantities. The re-editions will be available for order through the U.S. Lapicida Showroom at the D & D Building in New York City. 

The Distressed French Re-Editions are available in Avignon, Burgundy and Moulins, while the Distressed Israeli Re-Editions come in Bergerac, Gourdon, Jericho, Toulon and Valence.