Lithos Design Drappi di Pietra Collection

December 3, 2023

Drappi di Pietra by Lithos Design is haute couture in marble. Like all Lithos Design projects, the collection was born from an innovative vision combined with the most advanced technologies adopted by the company in stone processing. Designed by Raffaello Galiotto, the new offering draws inspiration from the world of fashion and the graceful folds of fabrics to give new expressiveness to modular coverings. 

The design of the Chiffon, Tulle and Foulard models shapes the stone and enhances the aesthetics of the marble, giving an unexpected three-dimensionality to the walls. Light and shadow follow one another, redefining the spaces with surprising decorative effects that are renewed depending on the stone material chosen – grand antique, carrara ghiaccio, bianco cotone, calacatta viola, beige canapa or verde tinos. 

Drappi di Pietra is the synthesis of high quality, originality, excellence and creativity with a technology that helps sustainability. The production system is studied to reduce waste to a minimum, each cut in fact produces the negative of a piece and the positive of the next. 

This collection is designed for architects and interior designers, with modules designed to adapt to the needs of any interior project.

Photo credit: Lithos Design